My intention for selling instructional art video's over the Internet is quite simply.  You save money because I can offer a lower price. You do not have to incur the expense of producing the discs, packaging, and shipping them. I respond to many e-mails from other countries, where artists want my DVD’s but don’t want to hassle with the long duration time of the mail and possibly customs.

The video's run on both Mac and PC.  You download the selected video to your computer permanently and view it as many times as you like for the life of the computer. The video cannot be copied, burned to a DVD, or moved to another computer. The great new is if you computer drops to the bottom of the ocean you can still watch them on you tablet or smart phone any time as long as there is Internet connection.

Less expensive then printed DVD.

The main disadvantage is that you are limited to the life of the computer you download the DVD onto. However, because it is much less than purchasing a DVD, you can decide to buy it again for a future computer if needed.

You will also have to download the software needed to view encrypted video files on your computer if this is the first time you've bought videos online. The technology we're using is the same that is used for buying and watching independent films and documentaries. You will only need to download this once, even for future DVD’s through FlickRocket.com, the web service we're using.

If you have any difficulties with the download just go to http://www.flickrocket.com/index.php/en/help

If not feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do to help.  svagrikart@gmail.com