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Read what others are saying about my Online course: 

I was in Gabor Svagrik's class. Take Tucson Art Academy's Online courses. They are invaluable, convenient, fun, and you do it in the comfort of your home, saving time and travel money!!!!! I did it and will do it again and again.      

The class I took with Gabor Svagrik was the best class I've ever taken. The one on one critiques of each sketch and painting was invaluable. His mastery color and value was a great help in my learning. The course really helped me to progress with my painting. I would highly recommend this course if you're struggling with your painting, as I was, or just need some fine tuning, this course is for you.


One of the most important elements in any painting is design. The first week we will dive right into some key concepts of design to help you better understand which images work and why others lack interest. I will show you how I begin my landscape paintings and guide you through the first steps of creating a great design. 


Value is as important as design in any landscape painting. I will show you how and why value does all the hard work. By understanding value you will learn how easy it is to convey spatial perspective in the landscape and guide your viewer's eye through the painting.


Color can be a distraction, but once you have a firm grip on values your color application will make more sense.  We will cover basic principals on primary,  secondary, and tertiary colors and why knowing these can help improve your landscape paintings.  I will also explain why reflected light, cast shadow, and other affects of light on form is how you make a painting come alive and not look flat.


We will combine all the previous weeks lessons into one final painting.  You will see and know how valuable it was to take the proper steps in order to create a strong piece. We will add the "icing" as I like to call it and immerse ourselves in the final layer that makes a compelling piece. 

This course has 6 hours of high definition instructional videos that are designed for artists at every level and in every medium.

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