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Hardwork vs Talent

gabor svagrik_oil painting

All of us are on different art levels.  There will always be someone who knows less or more than you. This is what makes our art community such a rich source of knowledge and inspiration. We give each other hope and support to improve our craft. I have artist friends whose work I admire and always drool when I visit their studios.  It humbles me, and upon leaving, it makes me realize that I have so much more to learn.

On the other hand,  there are painters that have less knowledge and experience than I, and I feel blessed to share what I have learned. Actually the very focus of this blog is to help others anyway I can. I want to help you become more knowledgeable and confident in your art journey.  

Out Last Them

With that said, I truly believe that we all have the ability to improve no matter what stage we are at.  We all have the ability to gain knowledge. Do not let anyone convince you that you won’t improve and become better at your craft.  Time spent is time gained.

There are artists that have more “natural” talent than others. But talent, we all know, will only take you so far. I know myself that I have out lasted most of those whom at the time seemed to have more drawing skills, better brushwork, and well designed paintings than I,  because I never gave up the hard work and hours at the easel even when I felt that I was going backwards.

I never will forget what Larry Bird said about talent. He told the reporter: “he was notas talented as some players he played alongside, and knew he needed to practice 3 times as hard as them because of it.”  He went on to become a basketball legend.

I know he was a basketball player, but this also relates to our journey. Persistence and hard work will always trump talent. I am sure you heard the saying:  “Talent is only 1 percent the other 99 percent is hard work.” It is true!  Hard work at the easel won’t guarantee you success,  but it will sure allow you a chance to shine above the others.

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